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Make The Best Choice For REHABILITATION

As a therapist owned clinic focusing on one-on-one, hands-on treatment, personalized rehab programs and patient education, we are dedicated to a high quality of care and a healing environment. Physical therapists at Village Physical Therapy are passionate about their patients and their work. Our staff works with acute and chronic pain, orthopedics, sports and work injuries. We believe in freedom from pain and focus on restoring normal movement as our patients return to the lifestyle they desire.

Review These Resources To Find Relief Today

Free reports to show you how to start relieving your pain quickly and the best natural solutions for a long-term recovery.
  • Learn natural ways to stop sciatica pain, the most being physical therapy. Learn what you can do to start the path to recovery.

  • The sooner you address the root of your pain, the less risk for long- term damage to your spine.

  • Take care of your body with an exercise plan, walking/running techniques, and body mechanics for long- lasting results.

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Enter your name and email to receive your FREE e-book!

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Read What We Can Do For You:

My pain miraculously went away the very next day!

She was very professional and seemed to know exactly what to do and spent an hour with me and actually massaged my neck and shoulder as well as gave me neck and shoulder exercises and my pain miraculously went away the very next day!

Charlie M.

Castle Rock, CO


Is your pain making difficult for you to concentrate? Are you hoping it will go away but it’s still hurting you?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those two questions, request a consultation to see one of our qualified Physical Therapists. They will evaluate your condition, identify your problems and customize a plan of care specifically for you.

Call our office right now:
Phone: 719-577-4104

Where Does It Hurt?

We treat and help patients with many different conditions.

Click on the areas highlighted on the body diagram for information on common conditions we treat and how physical therapy can help.

We Commit To Each One of Our Patients

Michele Childs
Michele Childs


She enjoys the mountains – biking, hiking, backpacking and spending time with her family and dogs.

Trudy Skinner
Trudy Skinner


Along with spending time with family and friends, she loves the mountains and being active outside.

Jackie Heersink
Jackie Heersink


Her free time is often spent either at a lacrosse field or hockey rink watching her boys. She also enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends.

Lauren Lokkesmoe


Enjoys adventuring with her husband, hiking in the mountains, listening to music, playing board games, sports of all kinds, and volunteering at her church.

Tamara Robinson
Tamara Robinson


She enjoys hiking, kayaking, volunteering in assisted living centers, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Miles Cagle


He enjoys music, hiking, cooking and reading.

Lolly Hoover
Lolly Hoover


She enjoys living in the mountains, hiking, traveling and going to concerts.

Janet Horning
Janet Horning


As a Colorado Springs native, she enjoys camping, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

This Testimony Can Be Yours!

Wonderful therapist has really helped me with injuries due to a car accident.

Danielle M.

Castle Rock, CO

Truly relieved me of my pain.

The treatments were very healing for me and made a huge difference in my recovery. I was surprised at the difference it made in my mobility and truly relieved me of my pain.

Dawn G.

Colarado Springs, CO

I can finally turn my head to look over my shoulder.

Years and money wasted on massages when I could have put my time and money into coming here where I finally had REAL results.

Kristina C.

Castle Rock, CO

My legs feel 15 years younger and allowed me to be really active again.

Her combination of intro-muscular treatments and exercises have made my legs feel 15 years younger and allowed me to be really active again. Thank you, Michele.

Paul D.

Colorado Springs, CO

The staff is absolutely amazing.

I contribute a great part of my recovery from my car accident to the knowledge and educated therapist. The front desk staff is equally great! After over 3 years of seeing Village Physical Therapy, they are to be considered a tremendous part of my recovery and understand my chronic issues to the last detail. I highly recommend them.

Vanessa Lea B.

Colorado Springs, CO.

They were integral in my healing.

If you are searching for caring physical therapists and top notch treatment- Village Physical Therapy is the place I highly recommend. They were integral in my healing from a painful injury due to a car accident. Also, The front office manager/ coordinator is so friendly and helpful with any questions.

Yvonne R.

Colorado Springs, CO

Health tips &
solutions for
pain-free living.

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