Our Practice

Welcome to Village Physical Therapy! Providing physical therapy services in a private setting for over 35 years, we have three locations along the Colorado Front Range where we offer treatment in a professional, compassionate atmosphere. Whether you are recovering from an injury, an accident or illness, or simply in need of pain relief, our friendly and caring staff is here to guide you through the necessary steps for a return to an active, pain-free lifestyle.

We are a physical therapist-owned clinic focused on one-on-one, hands-on treatment, personalized rehab programs and patient education.   Dedicated to a high quality of care delivered in a healing environment, our physical therapists are passionate about their patients. Our physical therapist works with pain management, orthopedics, sports, work-related injuries and post-operative rehabilitation. We strive to give our patients freedom from pain with a focus on restoring normal movement.  Whether you are returning to a sport you love, wanting to relieve day to day pain or restore mobility, your health is our priority.

Choosing a Physical Therapist is a significant decision. One of the best indicators of our quality of care comes from our referral sources. Physicians not only refer their patients to us for care, they also send their friends and families.  YOU own your care – ask for Village Physical Therapy.  Make the best choice for your rehabilitation.