Patient Testimonials

  • My primary care provider, […] highly recommended I see [Michele] for ongoing lower back issues.  My [doctor] had nothing but good things to say about [Michele].  Upon my arrival […], I was greeted with a warm and friendly hello with a smile.  This occurred at every one of my visits.   The best part of my therapy is [Michele] was very knowledgeable and explained everything she was doing and why.   She would answer all my questions without hesitation.   I followed her instructions and suggestions because I came to trust her […] Why? Because everything she was doing and suggested I do was improving the condition of my back.  […] She always had a genuine care and concern for me[…].   I’ve been to Physical Therapy numerous times over my life, but this experience, by far, was the best and most helpful for my condition.  I commend [Michele] for her professionalism across the board.

    M. Mangino

  • I started going to Village PT for problems and issues I’ve had for years. I had limited movement in my neck, knots the size of Cleveland in my upper back and shoulders and a very poor range of movement with my neck. I was a mess. Years and money wasted on massages when I could have put my time and money into coming here where i finally had REAL results. With or without Insurance I won’t waste 1 more dime on a massage when I can come here to a medical professional who has given me back so much more than any spa has ever. Thank you Michele I can finally turn my head to look over my shoulder😉

    Kristina C.

  • The staff is absolutely amazing. I contribute a great part of my recovery from my car accident to the knowledge and educated therapist. The front desk staff is equally great! After over 3 years of seeing Village Physical Therapy, they are to be considered a tremendous part of my recovery and understand my chronic issues to the last detail. I highly recommend them.

    Vanessa Lea B.

  • If you are searching for caring physical therapists and top notch treatment- Village Physical Therapy is the place I highly recommend. They were integral in my healing from a painful injury due to a car accident. Also, The front office manager/ coordinator is so friendly and helpful with any questions.

    Yvonne R.

  • I was having a hard time with my old, stiff, painful legs until I came to Michele. Her combination of intro-muscular treatments and exercises have made my legs feel 15 years younger and allowed me to be really active again. Thank you, Michele.

    Paul D.

  • “Wonderful therapist has really helped me with injuries due to a car accident.”

    Danielle M.

  • I had severe debilitating nerve pain in my neck and shoulder for 8 days straight and I went to a neck specialist who said I should go to PT. I went to Village Therapy and saw Michele. She was very professional and seemed to know exactly what to do and spent an hour with me and actually massaged my neck and shoulder as well as gave me neck and shoulder exercises and my pain miraculously went away the very next day! Thanks, Michele, I will be back! Well, hopefully, I won’t need to come back!

    Charlie M.

  • I am writing to thank you for the outstanding physical therapy sessions I received from Village Physical Therapy. …The treatments were very healing for me and made a huge difference in my recovery. I was surprised at the difference it made in my mobility and truly relieved me of my pain. …The receptionist was great too. She always had a warm, friendly, caring and efficient welcome and it was a pleasant experience for me. Thank you team.

    Dawn G.